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the ZoneIn hemp Story

Aim Higher. Feel Better. Zone In.

ZoneIn hemp was co-founded by former all-pro linebacker Lofa Tatupu. After years of intense workouts, professional competition, and, well, the health effects that come with an athlete lifestyle, Lofa needed a change agent.

That change agent was hemp.

Full spectrum hemp extract—which uses a specific process to preserve all natural plant compounds, not just hemp—can provide synergistic effects for overall performance. ZoneIn hemp is specifically formulated to help with faster recovery, replenish your body, and target mind-body-movement so you can Zone In.

We are relentlessly committed to safety and quality. All of our products are reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board of MDs, PhDs, and hemp experts. ZoneIn hemp is carefully sourced and manufactured in the United States.

Lofa Tatupu - ZoneIn hemp CoFounder

“For most of my life, I focused on one thing: football. Years of hard work led to a career in the NFL as a professional linebacker. Football taught me about teamwork, competition, and most importantly, my health.

When I retired from the NFL, I was excited about the next chapter of my life, but my mind and body needed recovery. Injuries, concussions, and surgeries took a toll on my mental, physical, and emotional health.

Fortunately, I came across hemp. Within days of taking it, noticeable changes had occurred. Positive changes! I gained mental clarity, moved without pain, and slept better than I had in years. My mind and body were back in sync.

That’s why we started ZoneIn. I want everyone to feel what I experience daily. Aim Higher. Feel Better. Zone In.

the power of zonein hemp

Our Product Line

Balance Hemp Oil

Oil drops are easier to swallow and provide rapid action with rapid relief.

Roll Deep, Deep Relief Roll-on

Roll-on for easy application provides fast-acting relief directly to problem areas.

Balance Hemp Capsules

Capsules provide a consistent dosage with longer-lasting effects.